Our Fixed Price Guarantee

You read that right. Siding Express gives customers a fixed price guarantee on all of our bids.

How can we do it when others won’t, and still keep our low pricing? It all comes down to experience and technology. Siding Express founder Jamie Roberts grew up in the construction business, and formed his career working for siding manufacturers, including James Hardie. With all that experience, he’s seen just about everything. He combines that experience with hi-tech infrared cameras, allowing him to see – and most importantly, interpret and understand – exactly what is happening with each house he surveys for bid. The result is laser-focused accuracy in his pricing …

In all our years in business, Jamie and the Siding Express team has never had to go back to a homeowner and ask for more money because our bids are right, every time.

That’s why we can confidently offer you the exclusive Siding Express Fixed Bid Guarantee. No surprises. No catches. Your scope of work will be detailed in our proposal, so you can clearly see what you’re getting and what you’re paying. The price only goes up if you add more to your project. It’s that simple.

And don’t forget, before you make a decision, be sure to get three bids!

Lifetime Warranty

In addition to James Hardie’s and other manufacturers’ warranties, Siding Express offers a lifetime warranty on work performed by our crews. James Hardie provides a 90-page best practices manual to all contractors installing the product in order for the warranty to be valid. The biggest stipulation in this manual – install it right. This includes how it’s stored, handled, flashed, cut, and installed, among other factors. Good news for our clients is that we pride ourselves in doing it right. It starts with the first visit and the expert maintenance free exterior solutions we create, and continues to the final nail and beyond.