HardieZone® System

hardie-zonesNo matter where you live, now you can own a home with an exterior that’s ideally suited for its local climate. The HardieZone® System offers siding with specific performance attributes relative to the climate where your home is being built. So while other siding companies offer a on-siding-fits-all solution, James Hardie gives you the ability to get the right siding for your climate every time.

We’ve taken luck out of the equation …

We based The HardieZone System on the eight individual climatic variables that primarily affect long-term performance of siding. Using these factors, we arrived at ten distinct climatic zones. Though different, we found common variables in certain regions, allowing us to engineer the HZ5® product line for zones 1 through 5 and the HZ10® product line for zones 6 through 10.

Here in the St. Louis area, we find ourselves in a climate best suited for the HZ5® product line.

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Hurricane Resistance

While we’re not going to experience a full-on hurricane here in the St. Louis area, we know that we are prone to severe storms, damaging wind gusts, and tornadoes. That’s why we wanted to include a discussion and links to videos about James Hardie siding’s hurricane resistance.

Property damage from hurricanes can be staggering. Due to its impact resistance against hail and windblown debris, fiber cement siding has been specified by hurricane-zone building codes for building homes in hurricane, tornado, and wildfire-prone areas.

Hurricane Sandy, October 2012

Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season, as well as the second-costliest hurricane in United States history. Damage in the US is estimated at over $71 billion. Now’s the time to make decisions to build better. Watch these videos to learn more:

Building a stronger shore with James Hardie after Hurricane Sandy

Homeowners, contractors and architects discuss how the areas impacted by Super Storm Sandy can come back stronger with James Hardie siding.

James Hardie: Standing Up to Hurrican Sandy in Old Lyme, CT

These homeowners – and architects – discuss how they credit their choice of James Hardie siding products with helping their home stand up to the devastation their community saw during Super Storm Sandy.

Weathering the Storm in Freeport, NY with James Hardie Building Products

The Freeport, Long Island Harbor Master’s Quarter has faced a lot of rough weather in its seaside location – and recently withstood Super Storm Sandy. James Hardie siding is specially Engineered for Climate, which can help as we build a stronger short

Historic Preservation on the Jersey Shore with James Hardie Siding

In order to maintain the historic look and feel of this century-old home in Ocean Grove, New Jersey, while adding durability, homeowners turned to James Hardie siding products for the seaside home.

James Hardie Siding: Protecting Homes During Super Storm Sandy

The town of Fairfield, CT was left under four to five feet of water due to Super Storm Sandy. These homeowners credit James Hardie siding, which is Engineered for Climate, with helping protect their home.