Beechworth Windows Comparison

Beechworth Windows are premium fiberglass windows created by the company that brought you James Hardie Siding. Beechworth windows are made out of fiberglass, a material that is stronger and more lasting than wood.  Like other fiberglass windows, Beechworth windows don’t crack, shrink or warp unlike vinyl windows.  Fiberglass windows can be painted or prefinished so the choice is yours.  Beechworth Windows finishes complement James Hardie ColorPlus® Technology finishes, so that your premium siding matches your premium windows. When remodeling your house, don’t forget windows and don’t forget Beechworth.

Pros of wood windows

  • Most premium look
  • Can last a lifetime with upkeep
  • Adds value to any house or room
  • Environmentally friendly – renewable resource and recyclable

Cons of wood windows

  • Can be damaged by moisture
  • Pests; not limited to termites, can eat wood
  • Cost is higher than vinyl or aluminum
  • Needs to be regularly painted or stained

Pros of vinyl windows

  • Cost – it’s the cheapest option
  • No need to be painted
  • longevity – vinyl can last for many years

Cons of vinyl windows

  • Cannot be painted – you’re stuck with what color you originally chose
  • Looks like plastic – can’t match the look of real wood
  • Sensitive to temperature extreme

Pros of aluminum windows

  • Better insulation than vinyl
  • Superior durability
  • Cost-effective

Cons of aluminum windows

  • Not energy efficient – loses heat very rapidly
  • Condensation on the windows can cause aluminum to rust
  • More expensive than vinyl

Pros of fiberglass windows

  • Doesn’t rust, warp, or crack like wood
  • Can come already painted or left up to homeowner to paint
  • Not affected by temperature extremes

Cons of fiberglass windows

  • More costly than vinyl
  • Fewer choices than vinyl or wood
  • Lacks appeal of natural wood