ProVia® Doors

Your door is the first impression you make when someone comes to your home.  Customize your doors to match your style exactly. ProVia doors provide a large variety of custom options, which are efficient, beautiful, and secure..

Choose a Unit:

Start by choosing your door unit, whether it is a single entry door, French entry door, double patio door, or triple patio door. You can also add on sidelites and/or a transom above.

Choose Sizing and Style:

Customize your door to fit your space and your style exactly like you want. Want a full window, half window, oval window, or no window? We have a large variety of style to choose from.

Choose a Color:

The outside of your house may not look right inside your house, so you can choose your door’s inside color separately from its outside color. We have a wide variety of paint and stain colors, from classic shades to some that will really make you stand out!

Choose a Glass style:

We have dozens of beautiful glass options to choose for your door, whether you want clear glass, decorative glass, built-in blinds, privacy glass, or one of our unique inspirations styles! Pick your category, and browse through to find the perfect choice for you!

Choose your Hardware:

Get a handle on your door with one of our hardware options. You can customize the finish color, the style of the handle, and whether or not you want features like a mail slot, knocker, and more.

Finalize your options:

Whatever door you get through us will be completely customized to you. If you can think of something particular you want, we probably have an option for it. Make sure to review all of your choices so everything can be perfect!