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Five Ways Fiberglass Windows Are Better Than Vinyl Windows

There are many advantages to fiberglass vs. vinyl windows. Not only are they durable and strong, but they also require a nominal amount of maintenance for optimal upkeep. So to break it down, there are 5 main advantages of fiberglass vs. vinyl windows:
  1. Stability – If you live in a climate that has all types of weather conditions such as extreme cold in the winter or a lot of heat in the summer, like the St. Louis area, fiberglass will function much more efficiently than vinyl windows. There is practically no contraction or expansion when exposed to the elements; up to 800% less than vinyl. Fiberglass is also energy efficient, exceeding most American standards, so thermal performance is at its best.
  2. Strength and Durability – fiberglass is eight times greater in strength when compared to vinyl windows. There is also a resistance to glass seal failure, due to lower glass expansion and contraction rates. Because it is so durable and resistant to weathering, fiberglass windows require little to almost no maintenance.
  3. Design – Since fiberglass has the ability to be installed at great heights, the design options are practically endless. It can also be installed in a variety of different window types, increasing its ability to be suitably designed to fit requirements of both home owners and businesses. Due the superior stability of fiberglass, windows are offered in several colors along with even an option for wood interiors.
  4. Resistance to the Elements – Cracking, shrinking and bowing are all symptoms of cheaper grade vinyl windows. Fortunately fiberglass provides the highest amount of resistance to both twisting and warping.  Frame and sash corners will not separate or crack. Fiberglass composites maintain their ability to be exposed to harsh elements and withstand the test of time. No matter the climactic condition, fiberglass windows will remain rigid and stable without deterioration of its physical components.
  5. Environmentally Friendly – Lastly in the fiberglass vs vinyl windows realm is the fact that fiberglass windows are environmentally friendly. They have low energy consumption in comparison to other window frame materials along with the longest life expectancy. Fiberglass frames are dimensionally stable during the production phase, giving it the most consistent quality of all window frame types.
If you have any further questions concerning fiberglass windows or their proper installation, please contact us.

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