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Shake Siding

HardieShingle ® Shake Siding

Shingle siding (also referred to as shake siding) has been a popular design element in homes for decades. While typically seen on CapeCod style homes, this siding style has grown in popularity across all home styles. Shingle siding can be used to enhance the architectural features of any home on sections of a home or an entire house.

If you’re looking to embody the classic beauty of this siding with less maintenance than real cedar shingles, James Hardie’s HardieShingle ® is the perfect exterior solution. Not only is it beautiful and low maintenance, it also comes in a variety of colors and styles and has Hardie’s industry warranty.

If you’re looking for more inspiration for your Missouri home and you’re considering shingle siding, we invite you to browse our gallery of HardieShingle ® projects to give you a better idea of your options.

Straight Edge Shingle

Staggered Shingle

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