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Vinyl Herrinhbone Lap and Shake Siding | Olivette, MO (63132)

Project Name:
Vinyl Herringbone Lap and Shake
Project Location:
Olivette, MO (63132)
Main Siding:
Vinyl Lap Siding
Siding Profile:
DL Lap
Siding Color:
Accent Siding:
Vinyl Shake Siding
Accent Siding Profile:
Staggered Shake
Accent Siding Color:
Corner Trim:
Standard Vinyl Herrinbone
Window Trim:
James HArdie Arctic White
Fascia Materials and Color:
Custom Bent Aluminum Coil Fascia
Soffit Materials and Color:
Vinyl Hidden Vent Soffit
Decorative Options:
Vinyl Porch Ceilings and Aluminum Beams

In Olivette, Missouri, this newly constructed house needed siding installation. With our trustworthy crews, we went to the job to install vinyl siding on the house. We installed two different kinds of vinyl siding on this job.

The first and main siding we put up was vinyl lap siding, which went around the entire house. Along with that, we also put up some vinyl staggered shake siding as an accent. This siding only went on the front of the house. Both the kinds of siding we installed are in the color Herringbone. We also put up some vinyl corner and window trim in the same color. To add, we put James Hardie window trim (Hardietrim) around the windows on the front of the house. Finally, we installed soffit and fascia as well as aluminum porch beams and a smooth vinyl porch ceiling above the front entrance. After finishing the job, the house looks incredible and the homeowners love the look.

What Is Herringbone Siding?

Herringbone siding is a type of exterior cladding or wall covering that is installed in a distinctive herringbone pattern. This pattern consists of small, rectangular pieces of siding that are arranged at a 45-degree angle to create a series of V or zigzag shapes.

Herringbone siding is a visually striking and unconventional choice for the exterior of a building, and it can give a unique and eye-catching appearance to the structure.

The herringbone pattern and vinyl shake siding combination seen in the pictures above adds a sense of texture and depth to the building’s facade, making it stand out from more traditional horizontal or vertical siding patterns. 

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