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Patio Doors

Patio Doors in St. Louis, MO, and Surrounding Areas

When was the last time you paid attention to your patio doors? If your house is several decades old, your patio doors may be starting to fail without you even realizing it. Our team here at Siding Express is your local expert for patio door replacement services, helping homeowners boost their home value and energy efficiency with new doors. 

If you’d like to learn more about our Andersen patio doors, we’d be happy to chat with you. Please don’t hesitate to call us at 636-425-2952 or contact us online.

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Patio Doors in and Around St. Louis, MO

Our team is proud to install only the highest-quality products for our customers. That’s why we sell Andersen patio doors, which can help keep drafts and water out of your home. When you hire our team for your patio door installation, you can expect to feel heard, understood, and appreciated from the very first consultation to the final walk-through and every moment in between.

Types of Patio Doors by Andersen

When you’re planning your patio door replacement project, one of the most important decisions you’ll make is which type to install. We offer two different styles of Andersen patio doors: gliding doors and hinged doors. Let’s take a closer look at each option as you decide which one will work best for your home. 

Gliding doors: Also known as sliding glass doors, these patio doors are primarily made of glass and they slide open horizontally on a track. They are considered an elegant option and are a space saver compared to hinged door options.

Hinged doors: As their name suggests, hinged doors open into your home on a hinge, much like an interior door does. They have panes of glass within the door, in a variety of different styles and designs, and are often easier to maintain compared to gliding doors.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Front Door

If your home is several decades old, your entry door is likely showing signs of wear and tear. Some damage is more serious than others and will require a replacement. As a good rule of thumb, when you notice the following signs, it’s time to replace your front door

  • You feel drafts coming in from around your door
  • The hinges on your door are loose
  • There are cracks, breaks, or other signs of damage to your front door
  • Your door sticks when you are opening or closing it

At the first sign of any of these issues, talk to our team about replacement options before the problems worsen.

Benefits of Installing New Patio Doors from Andersen

Andersen doors are recognized as one of the top patio door products on the market. When you install them in your home, here are a few of the benefits you can expect:

Energy-efficiency: Andersen patio doors are made with high-performance, energy-efficient glass with a low-emissivity glass coating. This allows natural light to flow into your home, without it affecting your indoor temperature. 

Plenty of Options: The right patio doors can improve the overall look of your home. We provide several different design options so you can match your new patio doors to the rest of your home’s exterior. This includes different hardware finishes in addition to door colors. You can browse through our photo gallery to see examples of the types of patio doors we’ve installed for local homeowners. 

High-performance: Gliding doors, in particular, can be difficult to slide open. But Andersen gliding patio doors have self-lubricating rollers that make it easy to push open and closed, even long after the installation. 

When to Replace Your Existing Patio Doors

Curious about when it’s time to plan your patio door replacement project? Here are a few signs that you need new doors:

  • You see fog or condensation between the panes of glass
  • You feel a noticeable difference in temperature when standing next to your doors
  • You have trouble opening your doors
  • You notice gaps between the door and frame

If you notice any of these issues, we can come out to inspect your doors and offer a replacement solution. 

Why Choose Siding Express?

Our team believes in three simple principles: take care of employees, respect customers, and take a hands-on approach. When you choose Siding Express for your patio door installation, you can have peace of mind that we’ll always work with your best interests in mind. This means offering high-quality workmanship, great reviews, and fair pricing, no matter what.

Schedule Your Patio Door Installation

When you’re ready to schedule your patio door installation, don’t hesitate to call us at 636-425-2952 or contact us online. We look forward to working with you!

FAQs About Patio Doors

Can I replace an existing sliding door with a hinged model?

Yes! Our team has the skills and experience to take out your old gliding door and replace it with a hinged model if you’d prefer. 

Are patio doors safe and secure?

Even though patio doors are made from glass, they are still a safe and secure option for your home. Andersen patio doors are made with thick, high-quality glass and a multi-point locking system for added security.


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