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What to Know

What to Watch Out for Before Choosing a Home Remodeler

Pricing Games

Beware of remodeling companies offering “Today Only” prices. They will agree to this price any day after the sales pitch.
And on the same token, watch out for companies that keep knocking money off their quote. They priced it high to begin with, and they want you to feel like you’re getting a good deal.

"Two Guys and a Truck"

They may be cheaper and be able to start on the project sooner. However, you will end up paying a lot more money in the long run with repairs or replacements. Important note – manufactures wouldn’t cover products that were improperly installed.

A Bad BBB Rating

The Better Business Bureau is a watchdog for remodeling companies. Make sure the company you go with has a good rating on their site.

Lack of Insurance

Whether you know this or not: you are responsible for employee getting hurt on your property, if the company they work for don’t have insurance. And beware, small contactors aren’t required to have workman’s compensation insurance. In order to protect yourself – make sure the contractor you go with has workers’ compensation and liability insurance.


The reasons people take shortcuts is simple – it saves them time and money.

Common Shortcuts Include:

  • Cheap nails
  • Improper sealing
  • The use of inferior building products

We came up with a list of questions that every homeowner should ask their contractor before getting into any kind of business. Before agreeing to a project with a contractor, think about the one you can trust. One that has integrity to not cut corners behind your back.

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