Our Process – Step 2


Next we take full pictures of the entire house so we can match them to our measurements.

After we have collected all the information from the homeowner, taken all of the pictures and measurements of the house, and captured any potential trouble areas using the thermal camera, we setup the next meeting with homeowner. With all the information collected, we develop a very detail proposal. The leading cause of problems between homeowners and contractors is communication. We leave nothing to chance as everything is detailed in our proposal.

Visualize Your Home

Welcome to the Siding Express Visualizer, the program that lets you see exactly what your home will look like in the style and color of siding, trim, and other maintenance-free exterior components before you make your selections and begin the project. The process is simple! Siding Express will come out and take a high resolution photo of your home. We’ll then upload the photo to the Visualizer, input the colors and styles you’re considering, then review it with you. We can make recommendations based on what we see, and help you feel confident in your choices. Fill out the form below to get started!

Siding Express Visualizer is a $250 value, Yours FREE!