Our Process – Step 3


After putting the proposal together, we go back and meet with the client and do a thorough review. In the proposal, we have all the pictures, we have arrows pointing to the places in the pictures, along with a statement on what exactly we are planning to do in each of the areas, what type of trim we are going to use or type of siding to use. Our proposal will show how the products will be installed, all the way down to the type of nails that we plan to use. We give clients a very detailed written proposal that includes full pictures.

Our goal is take any doubt out of the client’s mind; they know exactly what will be done. It is not written on a napkin. The proposal will convey to the homeowner what we are planning to do and it also serves as a detail project plan for the installers as well. The homeowner will have a complete road map on what the project will include. This helps eliminate any surprises. The proposal will also serves as a daily game plan for the homeowners – when they come home for the evening and they look at an area of their home, they will be able to compare the work being done against the proposal.