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Vinyl White Lap on New Construction | Olivette, MO (63132)

Project Name:
Vinyl White LAp Siding
Project Location:
Olivette, MO (63132)
Main Siding:
Vinyl Lap Siding
Siding Profile:
Siding Color:
Corner Trim:
White vinyl
Window Trim:
MiraTEC White
Fascia Materials and Color:
White Aluminum Wrap Fascia
Soffit Materials and Color:
Vinyl Vented Hidden Soffit
Decorative Options:
Vinyl Porch Ceiling,
Aluminum Shadow Board and Porch Beam
For this new construction house found in Olivette, Missouri, some siding needed to be installed. Our crew went out to this house to install some vinyl siding so this house could get a clean, finished look. The vinyl siding that we installed was white. Because of this, the corner trim and window trim that we installed were the same color of white to keep it all consistent. We also put up some vinyl soffit and aluminum fascia, both also in a white color. Finally, for some finishing touches, we put in a white beaded porch ceiling above the front entrance, as well as porch beams and an aluminum shadow board. With the job finished, the new homeowners are enjoying the look of their house.

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