Will you help us with design ideas and picking color?

We are more than happy to help with design ideas and color selection. Check out our Home Visualizer and see exactly what your home will look like.

What will happen to my landscape and plants?

We will take every precaution to minimize any disturbance to landscaping and plants. We have a lot of experience working on existing homes and we have several tricks to work around landscaping.

What are all the services you offer?

We install decks, windows, doors, gutters, soffit, fascia and all types of siding.

How long will it take to complete my project?

Every projects is different based on the size of the house and scope of work. Once we start a job the crew is there until it is completion. I will also give you a time frame after our first meeting.

How long have you been in the construction field?

I have been in the construction industry all my life, started working for my dad in a family custom home building business.

How can I be assured products are installed per manufacturers specification?

I stay up on all the latest changes with products, as well as installation techniques. We also work with all manufacturers to make sure they are training our crews in proper installation. As part of my proposal I put in writing how materials will be installed.

Does existing siding need to be removed?

In most cases existing will need to be removed. We want to make sure the substrate on your house is flat and rot free. This also give us you an opportunity to add insulation and increase the energy efficiency of your house.

Can brick or stone veneer be added to an existing house?

Yes we can add brick or stone veneer to any existing house. This is an excellent way to update your home.

Are your workers employees or subcontractors?

Siding Express has a combination of both subcontractors and employees. Siding Express has high standards of workmanship which applies to both subs and in-house crews.