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James Hardie Siding Contractor in Wildwood, MO

The Preferred James Hardie Siding Contractor in Wildwood, MO

Do you need a James Hardie siding contractor in Wildwood, MO? Call Siding Express to get beautiful tan siding like this house!

When you want to upgrade your home’s exterior, don’t settle for less than the best. One of the top siding materials on the market is James Hardie fiber cement siding. Known for its incredible durability and excellent curb appeal, replacing your outdated exterior with James Hardie siding is one of the best upgrades you can do to your home. The first step towards planning your siding replacement project is to find a James Hardie siding contractor in Wildwood, MO for the job. 

We hope you’ll agree that Siding Express is the best choice for your project. Over the years, local homeowners have trusted us to transform their exteriors with James Hardie siding, helping to improve their curb appeal and energy efficiency all at once. 

Our expert installers are conveniently located in St. Charles, MO, just a short distance away from the heart of Wildwood, MO. We offer no-pressure, complimentary consultations for local homeowners, during which we will meet with you to listen to your wants and needs, answer any questions you have, and help you decide when to move forward with your siding replacement project. 

When you’re ready to take the next step toward an upgraded exterior with James Hardie siding, we encourage you to give us a call at 636-757-3925 or contact us online to get your no-obligation consultation scheduled. 

The Leading James Hardie Siding Contractor in Wildwood, MO

Siding Express is the trusted James Hardie siding contractor in Wildwood, MO

Since we first opened our doors, our goal has been to provide high-quality siding replacement services for a fair price. We never want our customers to feel like the exterior of their dreams is out of reach when it comes to their budget. To make it easier than ever for you to upgrade your exterior, we offer special promotions so you can get the best possible price on your new siding. 

We also offer flexible financing options, such as 18 months same as cash. Financing approval can be granted on the same day and the application is simple to fill out so you can move forward with your siding replacement project––for the right price––as quickly as possible. 

Our installers here at Siding Express proudly provide siding replacement services throughout every square inch of Wildwood, MO, and other nearby areas. We hope to have the opportunity to work with you next!

James Hardie Installation Services in Wildwood, MO

Siding Express works with homeowners throughout all of St. Louis County and beyond, helping to upgrade exteriors in areas like Afton, Chesterfield, and Innsbrook. If you’re living in Wildwood, MO, or a surrounding area, we’d love to chat with you to tell you more about James Hardie siding and help you decide if it’s the right material for your home’s exterior. 

Until you have a chance to meet with our experts, you can learn all about James Hardie fiber cement siding and what makes it such a popular siding material below. 

What Is James Hardie Siding?

Siding Express is the trusted James Hardie siding contractor in Wildwood, MO. Schedule your appointment today!

Widely recognized as one of the top siding materials in the country, James Hardie siding is made from a combination of the following ingredients: 

  • Portland cement
  • Sand
  • Cellulose fibers
  • Water

James Hardie then adds performance additives to the ingredients, which results in a high-performance material that is resistant to water damage, non-combustible, and able to withstand our Wildwood, MO weather extremes. 

Unlike some other siding materials, James Hardie siding requires very little maintenance and is designed to last for decades without rotting or cracking. Part of what makes this such a durable material is that it’s resistant to damage from termites, woodpeckers, and other pests. While these critters tend to make holes in other siding materials, which allows water inside, your James Hardie siding will be protected against this type of damage. 

James Hardie Siding Pricing in Wildwood

When we meet with Wildwood, MO homeowners to talk about their James Hardie siding installation project, budget is one of their top concerns. Here at Siding Express, we pride ourselves on being transparent about pricing so you never find yourself surprised by your bill at the end of your project. 

Let’s take a closer look at the factors that have the biggest impact on how much your installation will cost. 

  • The size of your home: The number one factor that affects the price of your project is the size of your home. The bigger your home, the more materials we will need to complete the installation, so the more it will cost. 
  • The intricacy of the design: One of the many reasons local homeowners choose to install James Hardie siding is because the color, design, and style options are practically endless. Of course, the more intricate you want your design to be, the more difficult the installation, so it may cost more to complete. 
  • The style of siding: Along those same lines, different James Hardie products have a different base price. If you choose vertical panels, for example, they may not be the same price as James Hardie’s lap siding. 
  • The state of your existing siding: When we do your James Hardie siding installation, we have to remove your old siding first. We’ll also use this time to look at the area beneath your siding and see if anything needs to be repaired. If so, we’ll take the time to do the repairs before installing your new siding. The complexity of removing, repairing, and installing the new siding can have an impact on the total cost of your project. 
  • The color option you choose: James Hardie siding offers pre-primed boards and ColorPlus boards for your home. Pre-primed boards need to be painted during the installation, which makes them a bit cheaper. ColorPlus boards, on the other hand, have a baked-on, factory-coated color that is backed by a 15-year warranty, so it has a higher upfront cost.

At Siding Express, we prioritize transparent and precise pricing customized to your home’s unique requirements. Our prices are estimates based on averages derived from your home’s square footage, encompass crucial elements such as demo, the installation of the water-resistive barrier (WRB), and a basic trim package. Discover our James Hardie Lap Siding Prices for various home sizes:

  • 1500 sq ft home: $18k – $21k
  • 2000 sq ft home: $24k – $27k
  • 3000 sq ft home: $35k – $41k

After meeting with you to talk about your project details, we’ll give you a free estimate to help you get a better idea of how much your project will cost

James Hardie Installation in Wildwood

Do you need a James Hardie siding contractor in Wildwood, MO? Call Siding Express to get beautiful brown siding like this house!Our expert installers are here to make the James Hardie installation process as easy as possible for you. After removing your old siding and checking for areas that need repairs, we’ll install a weather-resistant barrier around your home to give you extra protection against the elements before installing your new siding and trim with expert precision. 

The time it takes to complete the installation will depend on the weather, the size of your home, and any unexpected repairs. We’ll communicate with you throughout the project so you know how long it should take to finish.

Why James Hardie Siding?

Aside from being one of the most durable siding materials available, our customers consistently choose James Hardie siding because of its excellent warranty. James Hardie siding products come with a 30-year non-prorated warranty on materials and a 15-year non-fade warranty on paint, so your investment is protected. 

On top of that, Siding Express offers our own lifetime labor warranty so you get double the protection.

More Information About Siding Express

Our founder, Jamie Roberts, started Siding Express back in 2007 after working for James Hardie as a sales rep for years. He offers a unique perspective, as he knows the ins and outs of James Hardie products and how to expertly install them. 

In starting Siding Express, he has shared that knowledge with our installers so we are the most qualified James Hardie contractor in Wildwood, MO. When you hire us, you can expect to be treated with care and respect every step of the way. 

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