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Boomers, Generation X, And Millennials All Want Maintenance Free Homes

Maintenance Free Exteriors and maintenance free siding are increasing in popularity due to changing buyer priorities and buyer demographics. The Generation X (ages 30 to 45); the Millennials (ages 18 to 29) along with the baby boomers are driving this change.

The baby boomers are in a transition to retirement and are looking to increase their leisure activities and reduce their on-going home maintenance chores.

The Generation X and Millennials are on the other side of the employment curve. Some of their careers are just getting started, others are caught up in the daily high pressure demands of a successful job. Both groups are looking to reward themselves during non-working hours with leisure/fun pursuits. They are not looking to do some boring preservation type activity that will eat up some or all of their hard earned weekend leisure time.

To this point in a recent article by Chicago Tribune, ” Low-maintenance homes are high on the list of today’s buyers “, the writers detailed this change in attitude.

The generation X and Millennials, according to the article, “have better things to do” with their time and are looking for housing alternatives that offer maintenance free solutions.

The baby boomers also share this SAME goal for maintenance free housing whether they are purchasing a home or doing major improvements to their current home.

These three demographics groups are now impacting both new home construction and the consumer resale market with this updated perspective and expectation. To meet this growing demand, the housing industry (builders, manufacturers and contractors) is responding with new products, services and technologies for maintenance free solutions.

At Siding Express, we recognized the need for housing solutions that met home owners demand for less maintenance several years ago. To that end, we aligned ourselves with manufacturers of the best building products. We invested in education and training for our team from those manufacturers on how best to install their products. This investment along with our continued emphasis on quality workmanship has resulted in extended product life of our customer’s homes. Selecting the best maintenance free options that match our customer’s need and budget is our specialty.

Contact us to learn more about the benefits of maintenance free homes.

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