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The Best Maintenance Free Siding Options

No matter how good the quality of a home’s siding is it will eventually wear down. Some types of siding take decades to wear down; others can last a lifetime; lower quality siding can wear down in only a few years. Regardless of when it wears down, worn out siding needs to be replaced, because the primary function of siding is to protect the home from the outdoor elements, and worn out siding cannot do this effectively. Sometimes a homeowner wants to replace their home’s siding in order to improve the appearance of the home. Regardless of the reasons for wanting new siding installed, a homeowner will want it to last a long time without having to worry about maintenance. However, it is a common concern that most durable maintenance free siding options will lack the premium aesthetic appearance of other types of siding. In other words, many types of maintenance siding can make a home look shoddy. Fortunately, there are several high quality maintenance free siding options that also improve the appearance of a home.  These siding options include:

Fiber Cement Siding

Due to its combination of durability and sleek style, fiber cement siding is one of the most popular type of siding in America. The versatility of the materials in fiber cement siding allow it to be available in an endless variety of styles and textures.  It is often used as a replacement for less durable wooden siding, because it can perfectly mimic the appearance of wood. An expert professional installer can add it to a home in no time and it requires very little maintenance after installation. Fiber cement siding is so reliable that many siding manufacturers include decades long warranties with them. The popular siding manufacturer James Hardie, for example, includes a 30 year warranty with their fiber cement siding.

Stone Veneer

Stone is a timeless material that will stand against even the most destructive of elements. As siding, it will turn a home into an element-proof fortress. A home whose outer walls are lined with stone siding will almost never fall. Centuries old buildings around the world are still standing because of the stone siding that protects them. It will also give the outer walls of a home the classic look.  Anyone who decides on stone siding for their home should hire a professional who will take their time and get the installation done right.


Fiberglass Siding

Fiberglass is one to the best building materials on the market.  It is dimensionally stable and you can trust that it will last. Cheaper grades of vinyl siding can have questionable durability. Modern fiberglass siding, however, is another form of maintenance free siding that is highly resistant to the elements, especially heat and cold.

Regardless of which type of maintenance free siding works best, it is important that the BEST siding installer available be utilized for the job. This will maximize its durability and guarantee that the siding will look great for a very long time.

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