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Five Reasons St. Louis Home Owners Choose James Hardie Siding

James Hardie siding was created and proven effective in harsh climates for decades.  It is an environmentally friendly cement fiberboard siding that has grown to be the most popular for house siding in the US.  James Hardie Siding is durable and maintenance free.  It has been made to withstand the tests of everyday living in St.Louis.  Here are just a few reasons St. Louis home owners choose James Hardie materials for their siding needs. Five Reasons to Choose James Hardie Five Reasons to Choose James Hardie

  • Durability guaranteed.  James Hardie Siding is resistant to wind, rain, hail, snowfall, and humidity. This siding can withstand the effects of St. Louis weather. James Hardie has two formulas for the siding. One for southern climates and one just for our climate to withstand freeze thaw issues.
  • Pest free material.  With siding made of fiber cement home owners can be assured it is resistant to all kinds of pests including termites. These materials really do not appeal to animals that may cause damage to a home.
  • Fire resistant.  Home owners can rest easy knowing that James Hardie Siding is non-combustible and will not melt or burn like other siding material.
  • Maintenance and trouble free.  There is no need to continue replacing and repairing siding because of the wear and tear caused by the elements of the seasons. James Hardie’s ColorPlus technology is offered in 23 colors and is guaranteed not to peel or flack off.
  • Curb appeal.  James Hardie Siding keeps a house looking good and can increase the value of a home. Simply put, James Hardie Siding and trim just looks great.

James Hardie provides the best in long lasting, high quality siding materials. With choices in many colors and styles, such as HardiePlank®, HardieShingle®, HardiePanel®, HardieTrim®, HardieSoffit®, and HardieWrap®, James Hardie Siding is a great maintenance free siding option.

These material along with James Hardie Siding that holds up to so many Saint Louis weather elements can reduce time, money and materials spent by home owners on maintenance.  James Hardie siding is Guaranteed to maintain its integrity for decades, keeping your home looking beautiful.

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