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How long does James Hardie siding last in Arlington Heights, IL? - 3

How Long Does James Hardie Siding Last?

When we meet with local homeowners about their siding concerns, one of the questions we often hear is “How long does James Hardie siding last in St. Charles, MO?” Whether you are looking to replace your siding and wondering if James Hardie is the best choice or you’re wondering how long your existing James Hardie siding might last, you’ve come to the right place for help. Below, we have an in-depth guide to the factors that impact your siding’s lifespan, how to care for it, and more. 

We hope that you find it helpful! If you’d like to learn more about James Hardie siding and whether it’s the right choice for your upcoming siding replacement project, we hope you’ll reach out to our experts by calling 633-757-3925 or contacting us online

How Long Does James Hardie Siding Last in St. Charles, MO? Factors That Impact Its Lifespan

Generally speaking, James Hardie siding can last several decades, making it a great investment for your home. However, there are a few specific factors that play a role in exactly how long you can expect your siding to last, which we explore below. 

The Material

James Hardie siding fiber cement siding is one of the most durable materials on the market because of its unique composition. It’s made from the following materials: 

  • Portland cement
  • Water
  • Silica sand
  • Wood pulp

The combination of these ingredients results in a durable material that is not prone to warping, rotting, or cracking as easily as some other siding materials. James Hardie, specifically, includes performance additives during the manufacturing process that make it non-combustible and resistant to water damage, resulting in a superior fiber cement material. 

The result is a long-lasting material that is designed to look great and protect against the elements for decades. 

The Installation

Another factor that impacts the lifespan of James Hardie siding is whether it’s installed properly. When you hire a certified James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, you can have peace of mind they have the proper training and product knowledge to install your siding following the manufacturer’s best practices. 

With the proper installation, your siding will look and perform exactly as it should, and therefore, it will last as long as possible. 

Using the correct installation methods and materials also helps you protect your investment, as it secures James Hardie’s 30-year, non-prorated warranty.

Siding Express is a James Hardie Elite Preferred Contractor, meaning that you can trust our team to expertly install your new siding and provide quality service. When you’re ready, call us at 633-757-3925 or contact us online to get started on your siding replacement project.

What Makes James Hardie Siding One of the Most Durable Siding Materials?How long does James Hardie siding last in Arlington Heights, IL? - 2

As we mentioned above, the unique composition of James Hardie’s siding is what gives it its long lifespan. Let’s take a closer look at how the makeup of the material makes it one of the most durable options out there. 

The Curing Process

When James Hardie manufactures its siding, there is a special curing process that makes the material less likely to break or crack. It’s also more resistant to moisture compared to other materials, which means that it’s less likely to develop mold or mildew over the life of the siding. 

The Baked-on Color

Unlike other siding materials, which will fade or lose their luster over time, James Hardie fiber cement siding has a baked-on color, so your exterior will look great for years. This baked-on color is resistant to UV damage and fading, helping it to last longer than other comparable materials. 

The Climate-Specific Construction

One thing that makes James Hardie siding unique is that the manufacturer has created different siding options based on your climate. So, James Hardie siding installed in hot and humid Florida is different from the James Hardie siding we install here in St. Charles, MO. 

James Hardie’s HardieZone system is divided into two climate areas: HZ5 and HZ10. HZ5 products are designed for the cold weather we experience here in Missouri, while HZ10 is specifically for hotter climates. By installing a siding that’s specifically designed for our climate, you can expect your siding to have a longer lifespan. 

The Fire Resistance

Unlike vinyl or wood siding, which is highly combustible in the event of a fire, James Hardie siding isn’t a combustible material. In the event of a fire at your home, it won’t contribute fuel, so the fire may not spread as quickly as it would with another siding material. 

The Pest Resistance

Other types of siding are vulnerable to damage from a number of pests like termites, woodpeckers, and carpenter ants. Over time, these pests can make their way into your siding, leading to holes where moisture can get inside and cause damage beneath your siding. 

Fortunately, when you choose James Hardie siding for your exterior, you can rest easy knowing that this material is resistant to insect damage so your home stays protected from an infestation and damage. 

The Thickness

Another feature that sets James Hardie siding apart from other materials is its thickness. While other siding materials are just over ¼” thick, James Hardie siding is ½” thick, making it more durable against high winds, blowing debris, and hail. 

James Hardie siding is also dense, instead of hollow like some other siding materials. This gives you extra protection against the elements so your siding lasts longer before it needs to be replaced.

James Hardie siding is widely recognized for its exceptional quality and could be just what you need for your next siding replacement project. To learn more about James Hardie siding and whether it’s the right choice for your home, please call 633-757-3925 or contact us online

How to Care For Your James Hardie Siding So It Lasts as Long as PossibleHow long does James Hardie siding last in Arlington Heights, IL? - 1

As you can see, James Hardie siding is one of the best options you can choose for your home thanks to its durability and long average lifespan. If you want to ensure it lasts as long as possible, following the right maintenance plan is key. Fortunately, compared to some other siding materials, James Hardie siding requires little maintenance. 

Here are four simple things you can do to help your James Hardie siding last for decades. 

Keep Up With Regular Cleaning 

You should clean your James Hardie siding twice per year to help keep it looking great for as long as possible. However, the way you clean it is important. A pressure washer is too strong for this type of siding and using one could damage it. 

Instead, use a garden hose and a soft-bristle brush to gently wash off any dirt or grime from your siding, working from the top and going down. We recommend cleaning it in the spring and in the fall so it’s easy to stay on track with your maintenance schedule. 

Maintain Your Gutters and Downspouts

If you think your gutters have nothing to do with your siding, think again! Your gutters play the important role of moving water away from your siding, so when they are clogged or broken, there’s a risk that they’ll overflow and water will penetrate your siding. 

By keeping up with regular gutter maintenance, you can help to ensure that your siding lasts for decades. 

Paint Your Siding Every 15 Years

While the paint on James Hardie fiber cement siding lasts longer than paint on other materials, it will still need to be repainted eventually. James Hardie’s baked-on ColorPlus® technology options have a 15-year warranty, so if you experience any issues within that time frame, you can rely on that. 

After the 15-year warranty period, you’ll want to repaint your siding so that it continues to look great and keep your home protected from the elements. 

Give Your Siding a Visual Inspection

When you clean your siding twice per year, that’s a great time to give it a quick visual inspection. Do you notice any areas of concern? If you see gaps in the caulking, for example, it’s important to take note of that as soon as you see it. 

If you notice other areas of concern, don’t hesitate to reach out to a siding professional like our expert installers here at Siding Express. We’d be more than happy to come out to give your siding a more thorough inspection if needed. 

With proper care and maintenance, James Hardie siding can last for decades. If your siding is in need of a touch up but not a full-blown replacement, consider getting it repaired. If you’d like to learn more about our siding repair services, please call 633-757-3925 or contact us online

How to Know if It’s Time to Replace Your James Hardie SidingHow long does James Hardie siding last in Arlington Heights, IL? - 4

As we’ve detailed, your James Hardie siding should look great for decades, but eventually, it will come time to replace it. Here are some signs that you should start thinking about scheduling a replacement. 

It Survived a Fire

As we mentioned above, James Hardie fiber cement siding is a non-combustible material, so it won’t contribute fuel in the event of a fire. However, if your James Hardie siding is exposed to a fire, it may still have some damage that leaves your home vulnerable. In that case, you’ll want to replace it with new siding

You See Visible Areas of Damage

When you perform your twice-per-year visual inspection, pay attention to any signs of wear and tear, especially if your siding is more than 30 years old. Small issues like nicks or scrapes can usually be repaired, but more serious damage will need to be replaced.

Your Local James Hardie Siding Expert

Now that you know how to answer the question, “How long does James Hardie siding last in St. Charles, MO?” you should have a better idea of whether this material is the best choice for your exterior. If you’re ready to start planning your siding replacement project, please call 633-757-3925 or contact us online

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